About AirLifetimes

I have looked all over the net to find a single outstanding repository of spectacular aerospace facts and stories and such a thing is just not there the way I envision.

And so…the rollout of AirLifeTimes is like that of a new, long-awaited aircraft. Much in the planning and design stage; seemingly a lifetime in engineering and development; and finally the full-up article is on the ramp, ready to fly.

The AirLifeTimes blog depends on you our readers for the best in content. You all know the best stories in aerospace, and you will have a forum here on ALT to tell those stories.

To the greater population — the flying public: you guys have all kinds of stories from your adventures riding in aircraft of all kinds. We want to share those stories and photos, from hot air balloons to spaceships.

And to the rated pilots and other aviation professionals out there in disciplines almost too numerous to list - you have the first-hand reports we need to share with the whole planet. Not only are you flying the current equipment all over the world and even in space, you are keenly aware of the both the historical icons and the practically unbelievable aircraft that will appear in our future. Let’s hear about it!