WHat if I love Aviation But I’m Not a Pilot?

Matters not! You are welcome here at AirLifeTimes. We have categories of interest to everyone, not just rated pilots. In fact, there’s a category named The Flying Public where we want to display the greatest stories from people who are experiencing the joys and travails of air travel and flying activity of all kinds. Non-pilots are most welcome. And maybe some of the stories you’ll read here might even stoke the fire to get your pilot’s license!

What Kind of Stories are you looking for?

The mission of AirLifeTimes is to be a repository for the latest and greatest stories and events in aviation as well as to showcase the most amazing and significant historical events in our human aviation endeavors. If you have articles you’ve written; stories you know; or even some amazing photos of events past, present, or planned, we would love to see and post them.

How do I contribute to the Blog?

Once you have your idea in mind of a story you want to write or one you’ve seen and want to submit, put that story in a text document or PDF along with a relevant photo or two and send those to the AirLifeTimes using the Contact link at the bottom of the page.


Can anybody contribute?

Absolutely! The various categories in the AirLifeTimes require the contributions of many kinds of professional and enthusiasts. If you have a story—or if we solicit you for an article on a particular subject—you are cleared hot to contribute. Can’t wait to see your story and accompanying photographs!

What If I have an Aviation Question?

We expect tons of aviation questions, just simply based on the categories featured in the AirLifeTimes. Use the Contact at the bottom of the page to send us your question and we’ll make every effort to get back to you or post the question and answer in an appropriate category.

How Do I get an RSS feed for airlifetimes?

Click the RSS Link on the “New to the Net” page. This will shoot the latest posts on AirLifeTimes straight to your newsfeed!

What if I have a Suggestion for a new episode for the Jet Jockeys TV Show?

Fantastic! You can contact the producers through this link to the JetJockeys.tv website! Thanks for checking in and your interest in the show!